What can be done to commemorate the 75th anniversary?

The New Deal: The Legacy of FDR

Honor those of the Greatest Generation who worked diligently in the various New Deal programs to build and to save this country. The New Deal gave the American people hope. We need to capture their stories in oral histories (audio and/or video).

Hold community events and programs at the local, regional and national levels that showcase the New Deal accomplishments by showing off those buildings, parks, dams, forests, municipal infrastructures, roads, walls, sidewalks, public art, etc. These events could be done in collaboration with schools, museums, post offices, courthouses, libraries, universities, national and state parks and monuments, and other community and professional organizations.

Preserve and renovate these New Deal sites and their treasures.

Research and document New Deal treasures.

Hold public discourses, conferences, symposia, etc. to educate the public about the importance of this great New Deal legacy and how this legacy continues to serve us today America and around the world.

The New Deal: The Legacy of FDR

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